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Call us at the law firm of Kohn Smith Roth at 414-273-0203 as soon as possible to get the defense you deserve or contact us online.Our lawyers understand the severity of what you are facing.This will keep your record clean and prevent the unnecessary hardship of a protracted legal battle.However, if you have already been charged with a violation of MCL 750.145 for using a computer or the internet to commit a sex crime, then our focus shifts to preparing for trial and winning your case.We understand how to build a strong defense for our clients in matters related to online solicitation of a minor offenses in Wisconsin.

MCL 750.145d(1)(a) is the law that governs internet sex crimes related to soliciting minors.

For example, sexual penetration of a person between the ages of 13 and 16.

Finally, the person must have believed that the intended victim was a minor.

For example, accosting, enticing or soliciting a child for an immoral purpose is prohibited by this statute and MCL 750.145a.

Additionally, recruiting, inducing, or soliciting a minor is illegal under this statute and MCL 750.145c.

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The third element is a notable piece of the statute that includes an express statement that you cannot use the computer to solicit when the victim is a minor “or is believed to be a minor.” The part that specifies that if the accused believes the other person is a minor means that the other person does not have to be a minor and could just be posing as a child.

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