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As indicated, the catalyst thus contacted contains an alumina base material making available a large surface area.

Thus vanadium oxide on alumina has been found to give excellent results with alumina having a surface area of 214 square meters per gram, but poor results using the same amount of vanadium oxide on alumina having a surface area of one square meter per gram.

Benzene extracted from the reaction column was checked for purity by infra-red and gas chromatography. In a more specific aspect the invention relates to the preparation of benzene of such high purity that it can be usedin radiocarbon dating. Gas chromatography and infra-red analyses were made on the benzene synthesized from samples 1 through 4 of Table IV. This invention in one of its aspects pertains to the synthesis of benzene. an excellent yield was obtained at a flow rate of 6.5 cc. At higher temperatures wherein it was necessary to increase the flow rate, a decrease in benzene yield is shown.With recent improvements in liquid scintillation spectrometry, such as summation counting, and the development of wide response quartz-faced phototubes (3000 A.- 4500 A.), counting efiiciencies approaching 90 percent haveb'een realized with benzene samples. The catalytic acetylene reaction was exothermic and was accompanied by a darkening of the catalyst material. Infra-red analyses were made with a Beckman IR-l O model using a Ca F cell with a 200 length light path.Nevertheless, in the past the advantages of liquid scintillation have been offset by the diificulties involved in the complex synthesis required for liquid sample preparation. To insure that no excessive acetylene pressures would build up during the reaction an exhaust valve and displacement trap were connected to the reaction column to allow gas of greater than one atmosphere to escape and to be coll cted. C.) (Percent) 30 Trace 32 Trace 32 Trace 28 None 25 None 38 None 35 8 50. The range of wave numbers scanned for each analysis was from 1000 to 4000.

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As a result additional acetylene molecules are attracted to this attached acetylene molecule. is preferred, in the absence of reaction chamber cooling to compensate for the exotherm. The process of claim 3 wherein the oxide conferring Lewis acid properties is M00 10.