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Darn, looks like we missed a nice Field Notes sponsorship opportunity.

"Regrettably perhaps, this emphasis on specialism has become commonplace and the esoteric is now the everyday.

Everything about the Le Car Van edition is '70s perfection.

The UCA Canterbury has launched an exhibition and a website entitled Munich '72, which "provides a first hand account of the evolution of the designs and subsequent commercialisation of aspects of the work produced for" that year's Olympics.

The Timetablist, images of airline timetables, airline route map images, airline ads, new airline service advertisements, first flight covers of commercial airline flights. We're sending UMD some gifts to go along with our thanks.

Philip Birmingham has joined the quasi-prestigious Board of Directors of our Museum of Online Museums and we're sending him some gifts to go along with our thanks.

The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (Municipal Museum of The Hague) manages the extensive archive of the graphic designer Gerd Arntz (1900-1988).Yet they are no less a part of musical culture for that.Indeed, fictophones represent an essential if hitherto unrecognized domain of musical thought and activity, and it is in order to catalog these conceptual artifacts that we have established the first institution of its kind: the Museum of Imaginary Musical Instruments." Via Public Domain Review.It's a little tough to browse but worth the effort. These are my personal, perhaps idiosyncratic, takes on 290 films noir.Don't expect lengthy plot outlines or arcane trivia.

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