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He is well known for his writing ability and his articles.

His articles have a flavor focused on improving your habits and creativity, peak performance, motivation, goal-setting, willpower, and procrastination.

He has one of the world’s top read blogs, which gets at least a million readers a month.

Mark started out blogging about dating advice as a pick up artist.

Marie produces content on her blog and Youtube channel once a week.

The topics she talks about focus on general self-development tips that her female-dominated audience struggle with, which are usually psychological shifts.

James Clear runs a successful self development blog at Top blogging experts like Pat Flynn and Corbett Barr claim as the most popular personal blog of all time.Still run by one person, Zen Habits attracts two million readers a month.Mark has lately been writing more and more about political topics.He also offers a subscription service for his premium articles.

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James run his blog and his podcast The James Altucher Show. His blog attracted hundreds of thousands of readers a month and his podcast attracts millions of listeners a month, rivaling the audience of a lower quality HBO TV Show. Every article pulls you in with shocking, and sometimes offensive, curiosity.

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