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Have you checked to make sure none of the cable terminations have come loose? (I realize you said client, so you may not easily be able to suggest a second card if not). That is/was one of the very first things you shoulda tried.Have you tried purchasing a new tape (is there any chance the moisture content of the "server room" at the client is high? And the shot in the dark, are you using Advanced Open File Option?I have not gotten the latest driver from Sony, and when I look at the Tape Drive properties, it tells me that the driver is from Veritas. Or should I try to find a newer version of the driver from Veritas?The properties do not display a driver date, but the version is 4.0.1381.1.

Also, since I have been having this issue, I've been backing up to disk using Backup Exec without incident. Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? I am getting this entry in the event log sometimes.I ran a full backup (B2D) of 4 storage groups a few days ago, no problems. Last night the first incremental ran, and it's taking longer than the full - in fact it's still running at 9 hours, 3 mb/min.It shows a byte count in job monitor of 2 gigs, which is expected but not at a duration of 9 hours. If this is really writing over 100 gigs to the disk for an incremental backup job, then my 750 gig B2D target isn't enough to hold nightly incrementals and one full job, which is ridiculous.It seemed the promise of being able to do file-level restores from a full IS backup was too tempting.Anyway, I have two jobs created out of a policy, incremental and full. M-F Incremental writes to one B2D target, each bi-weekly Full has its own B2D target.

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Stop backing up to the drive from which you're doing the backup. If that works correctly, you could usually rule out your tape hardware. Have you tried completely uninstalling Backup Exec and re-installing it?

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