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Baby in wrong position for dating scan

Seeing your baby is also a nice way to bond with him.

Although the safety of ultrasounds isn't in question, you should always be told what the purpose of a scan is and have the right to refuse, especially if there's no medical reason for its use.

Your sonographer is likely to give you a printout of the image of your baby as a keepsake, although some hospitals charge for this.

Treasured though this image will be, remember that the purpose of the scan isn't to provide the first photo for your baby album, or to find out your baby's sex.

If you're seeing a private obstetrician or an obstetrician in a public hospital, she may also do a short scan at some of your antenatal appointments.

These scans can be used to check the general health and growth of your baby and how your placenta is working.

You won't usually be asked to fill your bladder for scans in later pregnancy, but check with your midwife or doctor first.

The vaginal transducer is long and narrow to fit comfortably inside your vagina.Hard tissues, such as bone, reflect the biggest echoes and are white in the image, and soft tissues are grey.Fluids, such as the amniotic fluid that your baby lies in, appear black because the echoes go through them.Some hospitals or private ultrasound centres have a policy of not telling women the sex of their baby, as it's often not possible to be certain.Read more about whether it’s possible to tell from a scan image whether your baby is a girl or a boy.

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You may feel a bit embarrassed, but remember the sonographer does these scans every day.