Babe from russian dating site fucks

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Babe from russian dating site fucks

I told my girl Lacie Channing she could get a foot massage and dinner if she could put up a couple of frames on the wall without needing my help but if she lost, she had to do anything I wanted.

Genius idea since she’s 4’11 and bound to fuck up at some point! It had been a long time since I tore up that pussy so I took full advantage of this one!

So Lexi meet Alex Astor; he just broke up with his girl who just recently decided she wanted to become a Fetish pornstar.So broken hearted Alex needed to meet someone who's a little crazy and into tying him up in black leather and making him do her laundry and changer her litter box. We want to know that before he becomes a slave to her every whim... Puma Swede is in town and she's not fucking around!She wants herself some man-meat and she wants it now.This darling maybe cute and have quite a cartoonish voice, but she's got a viscous body. Those legs are as thick as tree trunks, supple tits and a big fat ass that's hardly containable.Lexi Belle is the complete package, but underneath that tight body and the cute persona lies a massive black spot of smut. For one thing she likes to Bang dudes with a strap on...ouch!

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The sexy blonde shows up but is instantly suspicious when she sees that Billy looks nothing like he described in his email.