Average number of dating relationships

Posted by / 25-Nov-2019 11:31

Average number of dating relationships

With this growing industry comes a lot of information that’s worth knowing.

We’ve compiled a list of 21 good, bad, and just plain weird statistics on online dating that will blow your mind.

For example, if your dates are always on the couch watching Netflix binges, you probably might want to reconsider that relationship before it ever gets going. If you are seeing someone else at this point, it might be advisable to stop and decide which avenue you want to continue to pursue.

Or maybe they’ll tell you they have sex 1.4 times a week.

These are all true statistics, supported by scientific research. There are hundreds of scientific studies looking at the frequency of intercourse (because when say sex, they usually mean intercourse, and when they say the couple, they mean the straight couple).

That means that you will likely only see each other once a week to start.

By that math, you are looking at about 3 months of dating someone before you can call it a relationship!

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Pay attention to the language of the relationship, or potential relationship. If you are happy just hooking up or being together when the mood strikes you, that is okay too.