Autocad xref layer color not updating for mandating the

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Autocad xref layer color not updating

Xrefs are ideal for times when you need to reference another drawing but don’t want the relationship to be permanent.

They are also ideal for situations in which multiple people work on a drawing.

For a little housecleaning here, set the scales the same in these viewports, place them on a non-plot layer, and lock the display.

They can look exactly the same to start, which is ok.

My mothers home is among those on the Richmond Tacky Light Tour.

First, create the Sheet file and xref the Model File into it.

Rest assured I haven’t abandoned my little corner of the CAD blogosphere, but rather took a little end-of-year vacation (Dec 17-Jan 1).

I started my vacation with grand plans of blogging almost non-stop, and finding new ways to break Auto CAD and Civil 3D.

For example, both an electrician and a plumber might add an architect’s plans to their drawing as an xref.

Follow these steps to attach an xref: Draw and edit faster and easier with these top 25 productivity tips every Auto CAD user should know.

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What actually happened was a lot of Christmas shopping, followed by a number of excursions.

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