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I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, just that I was socially awkward, and had a tendency to fixate on my crushes to near-obsession.

So, the ‘not-your-usual kind’ of pre-requisites to date an Aspie girl (seriously, are we going to wrestle around the use of the word ‘girl’ in this context? The challenges that we face and cope with on a daily basis are frivolously ignored and disregarded by our fellow neurotypical friends.

Another aspect of my personal life that’s impacted by autism is my gender identity.

In college, as a depressed 18-year-old, I was convinced I was assigned the wrong gender at birth, and seriously considered transitioning. And I went through the same gender dysphoria last month.

I was happy giving blow jobs, but the thought of being out of control and vulnerable scared the shit out of me.

Even going to the dentist is a major problem because I’m so afraid to lie down on my back and lose control, so that kind of sex just was never on the cards for me.

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It cannot be ‘cured’, but the anxieties and negative traits be managed.