Aol mail not updating on android dating a browning auto 5

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Aol mail not updating on android

For ‘Block Background Data’ to continue working even when your phone is in Power Saving mode, follow these steps: As the name suggest, Master Sync is the power house for all email synchronization.

Whether you have already enabled the native email syncing, Gmail syncing or even Yahoo syncing, if the Master Sync is disabled, no email will be synced efficiently on your Galaxy S5.

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Sorry about the confusion no i'm not getting any errors. I had to change the password XXXXX my computer for my emails and i don't know if this has anything to do with it.

If it is already checked then you can proceed to the solutions, but if it was unchecked then your problem is fixed right here and you can go on and enjoy using your Samsung Galaxy S5.

See also: How to use private mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Here are some complaints from Android users related to email syncing: If you are experiencing similar issues, follow the solutions listed below.

So you will not be able to get the best of both worlds when it comes to syncing your emails and saving battery.

The Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) settings download email to the mail client and the SMTP server settings send mail through AOL Mail.To enable Master Sync, follow these steps: One more way to fix email not syncing issue is to enable global sync in the device.If you are having a problem with syncing your email on your S5 after going through all the steps above, this method should help you get your emails to sync.If you are using one of the battery saving apps you must check the settings of the app to see if it may be disabling auto-syncing of your emails to increase the battery life of your device.It is a common understanding that auto-sync can make a notable difference in the battery life of your device.

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To send mail from an email client through your AOL Mail account, give the program instructions to access the AOL Mail Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.