Antigen not updating

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Antigen not updating

It was never “designed” to support the plugin directory that it is trying to be.The intention of providing plugins has grown beyond manageability.Then I had to create a and then commit the changes.No longer must must you fetch and merge upstream changes.Why should I have to download EVERY single plugin when I just want to use a few.Even though most plugins are a single or a few files, it just doesn’t scale and is unnecessary.This is great but a solution is being developed that addresses these problems. Antigen cites that it is directly inspired by Vundle, which is a great plugin manager for Vim.

The configuration is super simple and it addresses all of the issues with oh-my-zsh.

However, I think that oh-my-zsh has actually become a bit harmful to the goal that it is trying to achieve.

oh-my-zsh is a great idea but it has evolved quite a bit past its initial import into Git.

Thus this is the reason Antigen is named after an Immunology term.

Essentially what you do is list plugins in your and it will automatically download them.

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While it has been working for Homebrew, Homebrew only maintains instructions on how to install each package; it obviously doesn’t contain the source of the package which is far more volatile.