Ami james dating

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Ami james dating

Chris continued to hone his artistic skills and master various styles.

However, his pre-dominant genre, which has put him on top is the traditional Japanese Style of tattooing.

He has a tattoo on his left arm which says OCC New York, to help differentiate Orange County, New York, the location of his shop, to the popular Orange County in California.

One of the reasons why there was little fanfare when it came to the divorce was due to the fact that “American Chopper” had been off the air for three years when their divorce happened.

However, the two often argued due to the contrasting styles and creative direction that both of them had.

These arguments were a hallmark in the series until one argument went too far, leading Paul Jr to leave the company to start his own, later establishing Paul Jr. In 2007, the show moved from Discovery Channel to TLC, and aired its fifth and sixth seasons with the network before it was cancelled.

It is known that prior to gaining the spotlight, she was previously married to Burton Dillon, but details of when they married and how long they stayed together are scarce.

It is known that they had two children together, and that she used his last name, replacing Santos with Dillon.

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Paul on the other hand has moved on, and has been in a relationship with Joan Bulger-Kay for a few years, living and working together.