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American foreign affairs dating

However, instead of heading to Washington in Philadelphia, he went straight to Charlestown, where he set up many ships as privateers, enlisted men to fight for the French and even commissioned George Rogers Clark to lead the American forces.However, when Washington did meet Genet, he requested to his country that he would be removed, but his political faction lost power and Genet was thus an illegal alien.To try and peacefully settle this issue, Hamilton sent John Jay to try to negotiate an agreement instead of sending the current secretary of state Edmund Randolph, whom Hamilton believed, would not be able to reach an agreement.However, Jay’s negotiation in 1794 failed to earn compensation for the crimes towards the sailors, remove British ships for American waters, and make a new trade treaty.Spain’s involvement with America also was of great importance.

In addition, Spain continued to be a problem for trade along the Mississippi River. It also moved Florida’s border to the 31st parallel and required that Spanish officials control Indian revolts.Regardless of previous French diplomatic acts with America, France’s relationship quickly deteriorated.The first of many problems was the matter of native relations.The series of ordinances passed between 17 led to many conflicts of border agreements with the Native Americans.

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As a result, many British or Spanish allied Indians would revolt and attack, but they were usually defeated.

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