Amanda kimmel ozzy lusth dating

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Amanda kimmel ozzy lusth dating

With his challenge dominance, Ozzy stayed alive over Cao Boi and Flicka, who were voted out in the next two Aitu tribals.

The 34-year-old sailed through the pre-merge by helping his tribe win Immunity Challenges and by making bonds with the likes of Andrea Boehlke, Zeke Smith, Sarah Lacina, and Debbie Wanner.

In the first Aitu tribal post swap, he lost one of his closest allies in Cecilia.

A majority alliance of Yul, Becky, Candice, Sundra, and Jonathan Penner were dominating the tribe, leaving Ozzy, Cao Boi, and Flicka on the outs.

They had a strong alliance between the four of them, benefited from Ozzy and Yul’s athletic ability, and Yul was in possession of the hidden immunity idol at a time where you could play it after the vote read.

Winning the next string of tribal challenges, Aitu sent Raro to tribal back to back, bringing their lead from 8-4 down to 5-4.

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On day 19, players were given the opportunity to mutiny and join the opposing tribe.

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