Afroromance dating site

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Afroromance dating site

If once you have PAID you want to browse privately you have to be punished for not doing what they want by not being able to see who has viewed you, they say that this is 'fair' but this is actually something that you have PAID for.

If you contact customer services with a complaint they handle it in an untrained way, are rude, curt and unreasonable!

It is run by people that don't seem to understand anything about good business and are control hungry.

If you use any controls which you have PAID for that they don't want you to use you are punished, you are advised to 'take a break' rather than close your account if you want to and then when you decide to come back you are told that you have to wait 6 hours for reactivation, something done automatically by a reasonable, up to date site where you are a PAYING MEMBER!

The registration process is quite quick and convenient, and the profiles are unique for the most part.

Many of the profiles are very detailed, and that is what makes this dating site wonderful when it comes to finding partners having similar interests, hobbies and ambitions.

Get ready for sudden positive reviews under this one............. He was over 11 years old than me with very poor communication skills.

What makes this site special is the fact that every person who has a profile is an open-minded individual, who understands that love should not be hampered by one’s skin color, race, or country of origin.Who has pen pal option on a dating site, what a joke. Most people have profiles on it that haven't logged in months. Furthermore there are plenty of overweight,old and unattractive women looking to meet men half their age that are good looking and physically fit. " data-username="Karl  G." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Karl G." data-details="Photo uploaded on 4/14/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/" data-browse-link="/photos/" data-browse-text="Browse all Afro Romance photos" Men on this site browse through profiles. It most of these older seem to want trophy type girlfriends and play worst games than men around decent age range.They don't even read profile, which makes them timewasters. Less search quality of locals or members in the United States.

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