Advances in the forensic analysis and dating of writing ink are stine bramsen and anders sg dating

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refused” or “non-compliant”; * differences between what the client says and what the records indicate; and * strange notations such as “complained of NO chest pains”.Case examples Several cases have been forensically proven, including: * Medical records kept on a form that was not in existence until three years after the first date on the records.For example, a doctor kept his records over a period of five years with pens containing chemical date codes that matched the years in which the records were kept. The result was that the records were authenticated and a dismissal was entered.

If a consistency between a known dated standard and the questioned ink can be established in either the rare of extraction or in the ratio between the due components, the date of authorship can be accurately determined.

Inks were successfully classified based on the total number of prominent bands in Raman spectra.

It was found that more than 90% of the samples of the same type and color could be differentiated visually using only Raman spectra, i.e. As a result of this study, a flow chart has been constructed for blue and black ballpoint pen inks allowing their systematic identification.

* Contracts that were typed on paper and with a type wheel were not in existence on the date of the alleged production.

* A laser printed document that was allegedly made in 1982.

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