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Frequent wars had drained the economy and manpower.There was little loyalty to the state because insurrections by the lower classes had failed.

By 1859, there was a total of 153 German colonies in this region with a total of 106,123 people.The Seven Years' War ended in 1763 leaving widespread poverty.The German people began to think of emigration involuntarily. It was at this time (1763) that Catherine II (the Great) of Russia (1762 to 1796), a former German, issued her manifesto inviting people of other nationalities to settle in Russia.They have become assimilated much more rapidly in this country. Gross, who summarized in a term paper the early history of these people from the above source, as well as from a number of other books and articles.A brief, interesting and well documented account of the history of the German people who migrated to Russia and then to the United States is given in the book, , by George J. The lower classes lived at a bare subsistence level in Germany before the migration to Russia.

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Before Catherine II's reign, attempts had been made to settle the lower Volga area by Russians from other areas of that country, but this had failed because of the ravages of nomadic tribes.

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