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Among young people engaging in some form of sexual activity, definitions of virginity differ.

Of those polled, 70% of adolescents aged 11–16 believed oral sex did not disqualify someone from virginity, and 30% believed they were still abstinent.

Often crass, if never boring, the reality show’s mission is to entertain and the over-the-top hosts' ridicule of Anastasia might have been expected.

For the ten minutes before Anastasia’s father, Anton, was brought out onto the stage, Guzeyeva relentlessly mocked and interrupted the 12-year-old.

Of adolescents age 11–16, 83% believe a person is still a virgin after engaging in genital touching, and 70% said they believed one retained their virginity after having oral sex.

Additionally, 16% considered themselves virgins after anal sex.

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The sexuality of US adolescents includes both their feelings, behaviors and development, and the place adolescent sexuality has in American society, including the response of the government, educators, parents, and other interested groups.

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